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Consuming your marijuana in a tasty brownie or orange soda seems like a dream – as long as you don’t accidentally take too much. How can you find the perfect dose for your body?

In this edible dosing guide, the experts cover all of the potential effects of edibles from 1 to 500 mg, with recommended products and starting points for beginners. When you’re ready to pick out some gummies or chocolate bars, stop by Cannabis & Glass in Ontario, Oregon. Please bear in mind, this is not medical advice.

Understanding the Effects of Edibles

Understanding the Effects of Edibles

When you consume marijuana, your body must digest the food product before you can feel the effects of the cannabis. Because of this digestive process, your edibles offer slightly delayed onset times, but that also means they last much longer than flower or vapes. The more potent edibles can sometimes last all day, so you want to get your dosing right before you’re locked into being uncomfortably high.

While consuming fairly high doses shouldn’t cause dangerous physical side effects, you may experience lapses in time, panic effects, or an increased heart rate with a bad high.

Let’s go over edible dosing recommendations so that you can avoid that scenario.

Your Edible Dosing Chart (by Milligram)

Edible doses work on strength – micro, low, moderate, high, acute, and macro. Here’s what you can generally expect from a cannabis dose from 1 to 500 mg:

  • 1 to 2.5 mg (micro): Many people experience zero high effects from a micro dose. It may provide pain-relieving effects for aches, nausea, and anxiety, but not the standard cannabis experience. Mints or chocolate squares may have around 2.5 mg.
  • 3 to 5 mg (low): Low edible doses introduce intoxication effects in a mild way with a bit of silliness and reduced coordination. It’s great for beginners. You can purchase gummies, honey sticks, or seltzers at 5 mg.
  • 10 to 15 mg (moderate): Many experienced proponents will choose moderate doses for their daily edibles as the amount offers ideal fun or pain management once your tolerance goes up. This edible dosing may overwhelm a beginner. Many products come at the 10 mg dosage, including gummies, baked goods, savory snacks, and beverages.
  • 20 to 30 mg (high): Only highly experienced marijuana users should take high doses. Be prepared to handle strong impairment, euphoria, and coordination lapses.
  • 30 to 100 mg (acute): You might look into acute doses in light of severe health issues or intense recreational use. At this dosage, the effects can last far longer and cause emotional distress, nausea, and other tough effects. Still, you can purchase entire chocolate bars, full packs of candy, and more to access these larger doses.
  • 100 to 500 mg (macro): Finally, your macro dose option is only for an all-in experience. Typically, these edible doses treat patients with severe medical conditions or those hoping to reach an entirely new sense of enlightenment. Enter this high with extreme caution, as adverse effects are common.

Some Factors Affecting Edible Effects

How will your body respond to edibles? That changes with the following factors:

  • The type of edible you consume.
  • Personal tolerance to edibles.
  • Body weight.
  • Natural metabolism.
  • The edible dosage.

Picking the Right Edibles for You

To select your edible dosage, experts recommend starting small. Work your way up. You can always take more.

Why not begin with 2.5 mg to see how the dosage affects you? How long these edibles take to kick in will depend on the product.

Wait through the full onset before increasing your dose.

Shop Edibles in Ontario, Oregon, Today

You may have a better idea of the right edible dosing to start your journey. Why not visit Cannabis & Glass for high-quality edibles? Alternatively, view our Ontario dispensary menu online or call (541) 907-1234 for answers to your cannabis questions.