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As more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana, the cannabis job market continues to explode. If you’re curious about cannabis jobs in Oregon, you’ve come to the right place. This article explores the types of jobs you’ll find in the marijuana industry, how to find a cannabis job using online job boards, and some resume and interview tips to give you the best chance of success in finding your cannabis career.

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What Kind of Jobs Exist in the Oregon Cannabis Market?

Potential jobs in the cannabis industry vary widely, depending on the sector you want to work in. The industry needs workers for every step in the process, from growing and harvesting to sales and delivery. Examples of entry-level cannabis jobs include the following:

  • Budtenders help medical and recreational customers select and purchase suitable cannabis products. They may also weigh, package, and label marijuana, always maintaining industry standards for health and safety. If you’ve never worked in the cannabis industry, you may enjoy this entry-level retail job.
  • Delivery drivers bring cannabis orders to customers in locations with legal marijuana delivery. They organize orders and ensure the timely delivery of products. You may pursue this entry-level cannabis job if you’ve enjoyed other delivery positions.
  • Trimmers get marijuana flower ready for sale by manicuring plants and packaging buds. They use specific techniques to trim unwanted material from flower products, such as leaves and stems, and they may also weigh, package, and label the trimmed cannabis.
  • Warehouse workers manage cannabis inventories by shipping, receiving, and storing marijuana products. They adhere to safety standards and become familiar with how cannabis moves from production to retail.

Of course, only includes a small number of cannabis jobs in Oregon. The marijuana industry needs many types of workers, from lab techs to corporate office assistants, as well as marketers and accountants.

The Best Job Boards for Finding Cannabis Jobs in Oregon

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Finding a job in the cannabis industry can be challenging if you don’t know where to start looking. You may find great leads on general job search sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, but the cannabis industry also has marijuana-specific job boards, including the following:

  • Ganjapreneur is a marijuana job board allowing job seekers and cannabis industry employers to post resumes and job listings. The website also presents a ton of helpful information regarding the latest cannabis industry trends, relevant legislation, and more.
  • The Cannabis Job Board also offers a well-organized space for marijuana industry employers and job seekers to connect. You can search for cannabis jobs, talk to recruiters, and do all the necessary pre-screening using this platform.
  • Leafbuyer makes it easy to search for marijuana jobs by category, whether you’re interested in driving, cultivation, budtending, trimming, management, security, or another job type.

You have many options for finding a marijuana industry job, from cannabis-based job boards to other popular services like ZipRecruiter or LinkedIn.

Cannabis Job Resume Writing and Interviewing Tips

The key to getting any job is crafting a professional and compelling resume. Keep the following tips in mind when writing your resume for a potential cannabis job:

  • Use a neat, clean template that makes it easy to find your contact information.
  • Maintain a professional tone throughout, and put it through a spellchecker.
  • Provide quantifiable examples of your past successes whenever possible.
  • Highlight skills and experience based on the position you’re applying for.

Crafting an effective resume is only half the battle. When preparing for a cannabis job interview, it’s crucial to get familiar with cannabis slang and common terminology. You may also research relevant legislation for where you live, whether in Oregon or another state.

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