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*The contents of this post are not intended to be medical advice.

Everyone seems to have at least one method for eliminating the smell of marijuana. In fact, cannabis users get pretty creative when it comes to hiding the scent of weed. But what works and what doesn’t? Keep your home, car, and person smelling fresh by trying some of the following tips on how to get rid of the weed smell.

Air Purifier

Purchasing an air purifier may represent the most expensive way to reduce the smell of pot. However, it proves very effective at keeping the air inside of your home smelling nice. For those who find themselves wondering how to get rid of the weed smell, an air purifier might serve as the most reliable way to do it.


Nearly every pot smoker has used the old fan and window trick. On the whole, it works pretty well. Unfortunately, it does take a little time to work, and it may not completely remove the smell of weed. For those people who remain unfamiliar with this method: open your window and place your fan in front of it, facing outward, to clear out the marijuana smoke.


People have probably been using incense to hide the smell of weed ever since the first smoker took a puff. Particularly pungent forms of incense do a good job of masking the weed smell. However, many think of lighting a stick of incense as a dead giveaway. To increase the effectiveness of using incense, make sure you also use it when not smoking weed.

Specially-Designed Weed Pouches

Plenty of companies out there market a wide variety of weed pouches. Some consist of plastic, while others contain absorbent charcoal. If you don’t want other people to figure out that you have a weed stash hiding somewhere around your house, try a few different weed pouches and see which one seems to work the best.

Strong Mouthwashes

Marijuana can stay on your breath for an extended period. Yet, many smokers take great pains to remove the weed smell from their clothing, car, and home while forgetting to take care of their breath. While gum certainly has its place as a weed smell concealer, a strong mouthwash outperforms gum by far. Consider rinsing with one of the stronger types of Listerine.


candle smell

For those who want to know how to get rid of weed smell, a strongly scented candle does a good job. Plus, you can sometimes find specialized candles at head shops designed specifically for the task of eliminating weed odors. To test whether your candle works, spark up, light the candle, leave the room for a while, and then come back in and take a big whiff.


Once upon a time, some genius came up with the idea of placing dryer sheets inside of a toilet paper roll as a way to get rid of the weed smell. Just take your hit and exhale through the toilet paper roll, and flowery, fragrant air will come out the other end. Nowadays, you can find commercially made sploofs that follow the same basic principle.

Spray a Powerful Air Freshener

How many smokers have just taken a puff right as their parents pull up in the driveway? In a panic, most people respond by frantically spraying a bunch of air freshener around the house. While taking a can of air freshener from the bathroom and using it in the living room and kitchen may make others suspicious, you can find high-tech air fresheners that do a better job and smell less.

Odor Absorbers

Absorbing the odor represents a decent solution for people who want to know how to get rid of the weed smell. You can find gel-based odor absorbers on the shelves of most auto parts stores. Alternatively, you can also use an opened box of baking soda in small rooms and automobiles.

Body Spray

Your clothing soaks up more weed smell than you think. To avoid detection, consider using a body spray before any interactions with non-smokers. People may wonder about your taste when they get a whiff of your super-strong body spray, but it beats getting in trouble for smoking a little weed.

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