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Understand what you put into your body by learning how to test the potency of marijuana at home.  Our marijuana experts suggest at-home test kits to measure your bud’s THC and CBD content Read on to discover how to test weed potency at home.

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Why Should I Test the Potency of My Marijuana?

Customers who enjoy marijuana test their product for various reasons. Some like to put an exact number on the contents of their weed. Others need to know for medical reasons. Let’s explore some of the most common reasons people test the cannabinoid potency of their marijuana.

1. Precise Dosing

Measuring doses for patients represents one of the main reasons our customers test marijuana potency. Testing lets you know how much THC and CBD you absorb during every smoking session. It also delivers better results when making edibles because you can control the potency of your space cakes, brownies, cookies, and oils.

2. Growing Guidance

At-home cannabis testing can also help you tailor your growing process to reach the desired potency level. By measuring the potency of each harvest, you can tell which one of your experiments worked and which ones did not. After testing several harvests, you can accomplish your potency goals easily, even if that means bringing down the potency a smidgen.

3. Spoiler Alert

Many recreational users like to discuss what their experience might feel like before they ever take a hit. Along those same lines, other weed enthusiasts prefer to put a number on their product’s potency to give themselves an indication of what to expect. Either way, you can never have too much information about a substance before you put into your body.

How Do I Test Weed Potency at Home?

Unless you have a complete chemistry lab in your home, you will most likely need to purchase an at-home testing kit to measure the potency of your marijuana. At Cannabis & Glass, we have tried most of the available marijuana testing kits.

You can find a few of our favorite weed potency testing kits below that will provide you with a precise reading.

1. Cannalytics Supply 16/20 THC Kit

The popular Cannalytics Supply 15/20 THC Kit contains everything you need to test the potency of your marijuana—and then some. It will give you flashbacks of your childhood birthday party when you received your first chemistry set. It will also give you an accurate THC reading using Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC). The kit does not measure the CBD levels of your weed.

2. Alpha-Cat Cannabinoid Analysis Test

One of the best marijuana potency tests on the market, the Alpha-Cat Cannabinoid Analysis Test detects six different types of cannabinoids in your weed, including THC and CBD. The test will also give you a measurement for the following cannabinoids:

● Cannabinol (CBN)
● Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV)
● Cannabigerol (CBG)
● Cannabichromene (CBC)

3. MyDx Analyzer and CannaDx Sensor

MyDx has created a technologically advanced, portable chemical analyzer that plugs into your smartphone. Scan your sample and receive measurements of your weed’s CBD, CBN, THCV, and THC levels. Your test results will also give you information regarding more than twenty different terpenes.

4. CB Scientific THC & CBD Combo Detection Kit

As one of the most user-friendly marijuana potency test kits on the market, we found CB Scientific THC & CBD Combo Detection Kit easier to use than almost all of its competitors. However, with simplicity come limitations. This weed potency test gives accurate results up to 20% THC and 2.5% CBD.

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