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Get high in a new way by exploring the top six ways people consume marijuana. You can enjoy marijuana in several inventive ways. Our team of marijuana professionals at Cannabis & Glass has compiled a list of ways to consume weed just for you. Discover which method you like best!

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1. Bongs or Water Pipes

The most common method for consuming marijuana involves smoking it through a water pipe, better known as a bong. A simple, quick way to smoke marijuana, bongs remain one of the most well-known pieces of weed paraphernalia.

Bongs require only a small amount of marijuana to give you a good high. The water in the bong filters out solids and cools down the smoke before you inhale it.

2. Joints and Blunts

man smoking joint

Marijuana cigarettes come in different shapes and sizes, depending on user preference. The concept of using rolling paper or cigar wraps remains one of stoners’ favorite smoking methods. Stop by the Cannabis & Glass dispensary in Ontario, OR, to take a look at our wide range of premium pre-rolls.


Joints consist of a thin leaf of rolled paper packed with crushed marijuana. Although you smoke them like cigarettes, joints do not contain any nicotine. Another popular practice is mixing your marijuana with tobacco in a rolling paper.


Crushed marijuana rolled into tobacco leaves produces a blunt, which hits a little harder than a joint. Individuals with health concerns may wish to avoid smoking blunts due to the risks associated with tobacco.

3. Vaping

Vape pens became popular in recent years and people can’t seem to get enough of them. Some say vaping may prove safer than other methods of cannabis consumption by inhalation because the process of activating the THC does not produce smoke. The different types of vape pens include the following.

Dried Cannabis Vaporizer

A dried cannabis vaporizer uses electricity to heat dried marijuana without burning it. This process allows you to inhale the vaporized weed without breathing in smoke and tar.

Wax and Oil Pens

When using wax and oil pens, you heat the concentrate up to release its chemical compounds. The user then inhales the THC and cannabidiol (CBD) without taking in any smoke.

4. Pipe

Marijuana pipes use the same mechanics as traditional tobacco pipes. The process of smoking marijuana with a pipe involves burning the crushed weed inside a small pipe bowl. From the other end of the pipe, you can draw the smoke through a small hole at the bottom of the bowl and into your lungs.

Perhaps one of the best tools for smoking marijuana, pipes can give you a satisfying high. A small piece proves easy to conceal when transporting and smoking it, allowing you to step away and take a hit anytime.

5. Edibles

edible marijuana brownie

Marijuana-infused edibles do not require a heat source to consume, making them much safer than any other ways to consume cannabis. Weed enthusiasts can find tons of recipes online that incorporate THC extracts into your favorite snacks, like cookies, brownies, and hard candies. You can also buy edibles as commercial consumer products.

6. Dabbing

As one of the latest methods of consuming medical cannabis extracts, dabbing delivers a powerful punch because dabs contain high concentrations of THC.

Dabbing works by heating the THC extract and inhaling it using an “oil rig.” You’ll need a dab nail to hold onto the wax, a torch lighter to heat the wax, and the oil rig, also known as a dab rig.

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