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Practice discreet dosing with an old-fashioned marijuana consumption method: cannabis tinctures! At Cannabis & Glass, we are proud to serve as the apothecary for marijuana enthusiasts in Ontario, OR, by offering the purest cannabis tinctures available.

In this article, we explore the benefits of THC and CBD tinctures. Discover how to consume marijuana sublingually. Call us at Cannabis & Glass at (541) 907-1234 or visit our dispensary to view our selection of marijuana tinctures in Ontario, OR.

What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

Historically, tinctures have served as easy-to-use medicines that patients may administer under the tongue or add to their food. The creation of all tinctures involves the dissolution of a chemical substance in alcohol. This process concentrates a drug and allows it to sit on a shelf for years without spoiling. This is a significant benefit because, with cannabis tinctures, a little drop goes a long way!

How to Administer a Cannabis Tincture

You can consume cannabis with stealth, speed, and precision by mastering the various ways to administer a cannabis tincture. Most marijuana users have never heard of a tincture, much less taken one. Teach yourself how to take a weed tincture below.

1. Under the Tongue

The traditional way to take a bud tincture involves placing a few drops under the tongue and waiting 60 seconds before swallowing. This method delivers faster results because the CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids hit your bloodstream sooner. However, some individuals dislike the taste. Thankfully, you can use tinctures in a couple of other ways.

2. In Food

One of the best ways to conceal the taste of alcohol involves putting a few drops of THC tincture in your food. Most of the time, you will not even taste it. However, ingesting cannabis tinctures will take 30-60 minutes to produce the desired effects.

3. Mix it in a Drink

mix tincture with coffee

If you have a favorite drink, like coffee or tea, try mixing your tincture. Like putting your tincture in food, ingesting a pure weed tincture will take a little longer to take effect.

Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures

Medical cannabis tinctures once served as a mainstay of every household medicine cabinet. However, decades of ill-advised prohibition stamped out the practice of consuming marijuana tinctures for arthritis, menstrual cramps, and other maladies. Rediscover some of the once-accepted benefits of cannabis tinctures below.


One of the best things about weed tinctures is that no one needs to know you medicate yourself with them. It only takes a few seconds to measure and apply your solution with an eyedropper. You can excuse yourself from the group for a minute or even duck under the table for a quick hit and continue with your evening uninterrupted.


Cannabis tinctures represent a safer, healthier alternative to smoking weed or consuming edibles. As a smokeless delivery system, tinctures do not clog your lungs with natural tars as smoking does.

Plus, tinctures contain far fewer calories than almost any marijuana edible, helping you stay fit and feel alive at the same time.

Rapid Delivery

While smoking will always deliver faster results than tinctures, you will still feel the effects sooner with tinctures than you would with edibles. If you need quick relief without producing that lingering, telltale aroma of marijuana, a tincture will get you there without alarming anyone around you.


Perhaps the most crucial benefit of cannabis tinctures involves the precise measurements you can make before administering doses to patients and recreational users. Understanding how much THC or CBD you put into your body will help you know what to expect and avoid overuse.

Chemical Stability

Because a pot tincture has alcohol content, it will last for years under the right conditions. Keep it in a cool, dark, place to enjoy your marijuana tincture for as long as you want.

Local Marijuana Tincture Superstore

Take a hit and run with a concealable, easy-to-use cannabis tincture! At Cannabis & Glass, we offer the widest variety of marijuana tinctures in the Pacific Northwest. Visit us to discusse tinctures and why weed enthusiasts find them so handy. They are the perfect gifts for someone in your life who enjoys cannabis.

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