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Many people in Oregon are interested in trying cannabis products now that the state allows the legal sale of the product to adults over the age of 21. However, before making your first purchase, you may have several questions. One common question is: what does marijuana smell like?

In truth, the scent of marijuana can vary based on the terpenes and other organic compounds found in a specific strain of weed. You can learn more about the scents of weed from our team at Cannabis and Glass. Allow us to answer your questions when you call (541) 907-1234.

General Scent of Marijuana

Many people have heard that marijuana has a “skunky,” grassy, or earthy aroma. Other people describe the scent as piney or weedy. While you may find some variation with this scent, that’s a good basic description for the scent of marijuana.

However, a number of factors can impact this smell, including the age of the weed and the organic compounds in the marijuana.

Terpenes Affect the Smell of Weed

What does marijuana smell like, and why do some strains smell different than others? In short, the presence of terpenes in marijuana gives weed its odor. Terpenes are a kind of botanical compound found in many different plants and flowers.

While there are more than 100 terpenes that you can find in different strains of weed, six stand out as the most common options.


Many people describe the odor associated with a-humulene as almost beer-like. Hops often have a similar odor to marijuana, which may contribute to this comparison.


The a-pinene terpene has a scent that can remind people of basil and rosemary. Other individuals describe the smell as similar to pine needles.


As the name suggests, the limonene terpene has a scent that reminds people of a lemon. You may find that marijuana with this terpene smells almost like a citrus peel.


Linalool has a more floral scent than many other terpenes. Many people describe the smell as close to rosewood or lavender and find it to be pleasant.


This terpene comes with herbal aromas that remind some people of thyme or mangoes. You may also notice a musky scent with strains like myrcene.

The Age and the Smell of Marijuana

Age represents another factor that can affect the smell of cannabis products. Generally, weed has a milder odor when harvested early in its life cycle. The smell of cannabis grows much more potent once the plant flowers and produces blooms.

Some individuals claim that different strains of marijuana have different odors as well. The indica strains and sativa strains have been around for a long time. You may hear people argue that indica strains have an acrid smell, while sativa strains have a sweet or spicy scent.

Smoking Marijuana and Smells

When smoking weed, you may notice all of the scents we’ve spoken about so far. Often, smoked marijuana has a “skunky” scent, along with hints of different organic aromatics, like pine or lemongrass.

You may also notice the scent of smoke and ash while smoking marijuana. Often, these scents cling to clothes or hair even after an individual finishes smoking a joint.

Learn More About the Smell of Marijuana

What does marijuana smell like? The scent can vary based on the terpenes in the marijuana you bought and the age of the marijuana when growers picked it. You can get help finding a smell you like with our team at Cannabis and Glass in Ontario, Oregon. Allows us to walk you through your options by stopping at our local Ontario dispensary today!