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While even casual cannabis users have heard of THC and CBD, not everyone is necessarily familiar with delta-8. Here, we go into more detail about this compound, including its benefits, risks, and manufacturing process.

What On Earth Is Delta-8?

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8 THC) is one among a hundred psychoactive compounds found in the cannabis plant. Like its sister compound, delta-9, it is responsible for the “high” that marijuana users seek. This makes it highly desirable and a natural candidate to include in marijuana products.

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Despite delta-8’s potency, it occurs only in small amounts in nature. To extract delta-8 from hemp-derived CBD, manufacturers use chemical conversions.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is proposing to classify delta-8 as an illegal (Schedule 1) controlled substance at the federal level. In response to this, states like Michigan are already taking measures to include it under the category of marijuana, thus protecting it from such regulations.

Pros of Low-THC CBD Compared to Delta-8

Distilling or extracting specific compounds, such as CBD, helps people take advantage of certain relaxation benefits without the mind-altering effects of THC or delta-8. Pain relief, better sleep, and stress reduction are just some benefits CBD can offer. All of this makes CBD the safer option than delta-8, since it has less THC and no psychoactive effects.

Weighing the Risks of Delta-8

delta 8 thc flower in bag

Smoking cannabis flower — or “bud,” as enthusiasts call it — is typically a safe and satisfying experience. This is because the cannabis plant retains its natural levels of high-inducing compounds like THC after minimal processing and drying. There are also many strains of varying potencies to choose from, giving new and long-time users leeway to find the right fit.

With higher levels of delta-8, which manufacturers achieve through artificial processes, some potential risks and downsides start to emerge.

Potential Delta-8 Side Effects

The side effects of delta-8 are varied and may include upset stomach (especially after consuming edibles), vomiting, confusion, and even loss of consciousness. For this reason, not every manufacturer will be up front about whether its products contain delta-8. Hiding such details puts users at risk of ingesting more THC than they can tolerate.

Lack of FDA Approval or Confirmation of Delta-8’s Benefits

However, not every extraction is beneficial and, in some cases, may even pose a public health risk. While people might consume delta-8 for any number of reasons, none of the claims they might make about its benefits have FDA approval. The synthetic production and harmful chemicals necessary to get delta-8 to the desired concentration could even be hazardous to one’s health.

Despite the proliferation of online sales, you can’t always be sure what is in the products. Since delta-8 products are often marketed for their supposed health benefits, the scientific literature has yet to back them up. As a result, consumers might easily fall prey to false advertising.

Delta-8’s tricky legal status puts it in something of a gray area. Despite regulatory concerns, users can buy it in most states, but the ethics of its production remain questionable. Because delta-8 comes from hemp, which is more widely accepted than marijuana, some treat it with less suspicion, though that doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Bottom Line

While some claim delta-8 can help with pain, nausea, and appetite, science has yet to confirm these benefits. Without conclusive evidence, such claims are anecdotal at best.

Only time will tell whether attitudes toward delta-8 will shift significantly. As of 2023, delta-8 is legal in 22 states and one district, meaning it still has a long way to go regarding broader acceptance. With more research and a better understanding, we might see a change.

Until then, our best advice is to vet your sources and ask around. Look for a trusted cannabis dispensary that clearly shows what its product formulations are and can answer your questions about what type of marijuana or CBD will work for you.

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