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Many cannabis users prefer THC cartridges (carts) for a more convenient, potent, and potentially discreet smoking method. If you’ve picked up a dab pen for the first time, you may wonder how voltage (or wattage) settings affect how it works and the varying THC effects. This article explores the best voltage for THC carts by explaining how vape pens work and what voltage settings do.

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How Do Cannabis Vape Pens Work?

THC vape pens work like miniature dab rigs by heating up and vaporizing the cannabis concentrate stored in the cartridge. A vape pen consists of a battery and THC cart. Some products come preloaded with a finite amount of THC oil or live resin, while others allow long-term use by refilling the cartridge.

Some disposable dab pens don’t have variable voltage settings and only heat the concentrate at one temperature, usually around 2.5 volts. However, many THC vapes allow users to fine-tune their battery settings for their ideal smoke.

The Difference Between Voltage and Wattage

Voltage refers to the power potential in a given circuit, while wattage refers to the measure or rate of that power. Battery settings on THC vape pens adjust either the voltage or the wattage to moderate the power supply. Most use voltage adjustments, so you typically don’t have to worry about the best wattage settings.

What Is the Best Voltage Setting for THC Carts?

Voltage settings for vape pens are intuitive, with higher volts producing more heat and vapor. However, this doesn’t mean higher voltage settings always provide the better option. Finding the best voltage for THC carts is a personalized endeavor that will depend on your preferences and the product.

Here are some general guidelines on how different voltage settings and other variables affect the THC vape experience:

  • A higher voltage produces more vapor with a higher content of vaporized cannabinoids for intense and fast-acting effects. However, the flavor may suffer due to the destruction of terpenes, which don’t stand up well to high heat.
  • A lower voltage produces less vapor but a better taste by preserving the flavorful terpenes. The lower heat vaporizes fewer cannabinoids in the oil, so the vape doesn’t hit as powerfully.
  • More viscous oils may require higher voltage settings for effective vaporization, so the optimal voltage for you may change from cartridge to cartridge.
  • Less viscous oils don’t need as much heat to vaporize, allowing for lower voltage settings.

Finding the best voltage for your THC cart will depend on the product itself, the concentrate thickness, and how you want the vape to work for you. If you want a fast, hard-hitting weed pen, you may use a higher voltage compared to a user who prefers a smooth, clean vape with a heartier flavor.

We recommend starting with a low-voltage setting, especially if you’re new to THC vaping or you want to avoid a coughing fit. If you desire quicker effects or more vapor, increase the voltage slowly until you find your perfect balance between the flavor and the high.

Can Voltage Settings Be Too High?

Voltage Settings Be Too High

Excessively high voltage settings can ruin the vape experience and the pen itself. THC oil, live resin, and other concentrates require high temperatures to vaporize, but too much heat can cause oil degradation and result in a less potent and flavorful vapor. A high voltage setting may also short out the cartridge, making the pen unusable.

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