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If you are feeling anxious or have a mental health disorder, you could consider using CBD or THC to help mitigate your symptoms. It is not a fix-all solution, and a person should not try to use it that way. However, it can help as an additive to therapy and traditional medication.

Cannabis & Glass knows that each cannabis strain is different and causes various reactions. We also know everyone’s bodies have different qualities and metabolisms and may react differently to the same strain. With that in mind, we list the best weed for anxiety and how it can help your mental health.

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Why Use Weed Strains for Anxiety?

Why Use Weed Strains for Anxiety

Chronic anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders in the United States. As social stressors increase, that number rises. As it is right now, anxiety programs help many patients, but there is no sure-fire cure or solution to an anxiety disorder.

Many people with anxiety disorders supplement their treatment options with cannabis to help reduce panic attacks and other symptoms. THC and CBD have pain and stress-relieving qualities that may help someone suffering from a mental health disorder.

Using cannabis or medical marijuana is not the solution to anxiety disorders. However, they can supplement a treatment plan or someone’s journey to soothe themselves. Still, be watchful over the dosage, as anxiety tends to increase when a person uses too much at once.

Types of Marijuana Strains Used To Treat Anxiety

Two qualities help determine the best marijuana strains for anxiety:

  1. CBD strains
  2. THC strains

CBD and THC are the cannabinoids inside the plant that cause specific reactions. Meanwhile, Sativa and Indica are the botanical names for the appearances of the plants. You will often hear the terms Indica-dominant strains and Sativa-dominant strains because of the associations attached with the names.

Indica has an association with calmness and relaxation, while Sativa has a reputation for being more energizing. However, these associations are unscientific and do not contribute to the specific reaction you will achieve. Instead, THC and CBD determine your high or lack thereof.

Still, many budtenders and smokers refer to Indica, Sativa, and hybrids for the effects you get from cannabis. It is still part of the common language, and you may still need to use it. Regardless, having the actual names and information helps you make more informed decisions.

CBD strains are less common than THC strains but cause little to no high along with anxiety relief. THC strains can produce the usual highs that popularized cannabis, often causing an intoxicated feeling. The sensations these cause can relax many users, but others find it causes them more anxiety based on the amount.

Some of the Best Weed for Anxiety

Best Weed for Anxiety

You can choose between these two strains or hybrids that mix the more psychoactive THC with the less reactive CBD. It is common to gravitate towards specific types because of each person’s genetic or preferential differences. You may like certain cannabinoids (CBD or THC) and certain smells and flavors (terpenes) more than others.

These differences help determine your best weed for anxiety. Below are some of the strains that several users with anxiety have found to relax them:

Granddaddy Purple

  • THC-dominant strain
  • Causes a calming high
  • Most common effects: relaxation and restfulness


  • CBD-dominant strain
  • Does not typically cause a high
  • Most common effects: soothing and stability


  • Hybrid strain, 1:1 mix of CBD and THC
  • Causes a gentler high
  • Most common effects: clarity and ease
  • A mixture of Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami strains


  • CBD-dominant strain
  • Does not typically cause a high
  • Most common effects: lightening and tranquility

Jack Herer

  • THC-dominant strain
  • Causes an energetic high
  • Most common effects: positivity and brightness

Where to Get Quality Products

Always seek out a reputable dispensary for your cannabis needs. Cannabis & Glass is Ontario’s best dispensary, with hundreds of products to choose from. We have the best weed for anxiety and help our customers find the right strain for their requirements.

Contact us with any questions about weed strains for anxiety! We want you to enjoy your high safely and responsibly.