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Some people love morning wake and bakes or a midday joint before an afternoon hike, but others stand by the classic nighttime bowl hit before bed. In your unique experience, you will find that marijuana can be beneficial at all times of the day, depending on your preferences, activities, and goals.

Below are some of the differences between smoking marijuana at night versus in the morning for clarity on how you might want to integrate cannabis into your schedule. When you’re ready to select some quality bud for those daily activities, Cannabis & Glass has some great options in Ontario, Oregon.

The Pros of Smoking Marijuana in the Morning

That morning wake and bake so many people love can offer you numerous benefits, especially when dosed carefully. For example, you may experience the following:

  • Reduced pain: Medical marijuana exists for a reason. Growing evidence supports marijuana’s ability to ease pain and reduce the symptoms of many medical conditions. Starting your day with marijuana for pain release can be helpful, but you should always talk to your doctor first.
  • Enhanced focus and energy: Many people falsely assume that marijuana only makes you feel lazy. Certain sativa strains are stimulants, which enhance focus, mental clarity, and energy levels. When taken in the morning, cannabis could make you feel more inspired to exercise or complete required tasks.
  • Improved mood: Marijuana can reduce anxiety, alleviate stress, and help with symptoms of depression. As marijuana stimulates your serotonin production, you may experience a better mood throughout the day.
  • Boosted appetite: Marijuana can act as an appetite stimulant, which may be helpful for people who struggle to eat or don’t really feel hungry as they wake up.

The Pros of Smoking Marijuana at Night

Of course, smoking marijuana at night comes with many of its own benefits. You may enjoy the following if you smoke marijuana just before bedtime:

  • Improved sleep: Cannabis can act as a sleep aid, helping you fall asleep faster and maximizing your sleep cycle. Indicas are especially helpful for sleep.
  • Safer wind-downs: Do you tend toward alcohol or illicit substances in the evening? Marijuana can be a safer, healthier alternative in the long term.

Morning vs. Night: Selecting Cannabis Strains

If you’d like to decide on the timing of your experience, one factor that affects this choice is the exact type and quantity of marijuana you consume. When selecting strains, consider the following influences on your ultimate experience:

  • Indicas vs. sativas: Indica strains generally provide calming, sedative effects that suit nights. Sativas may make you alert and jittery, so choose these for morning sessions instead.
  • Hybrids: Hybrids mix sativa and indica strains. Typically, this offers you an ideal balance for midday or afternoon sessions.
  • Myrcene, limonene, and terpinolene: Strains containing high limonene and terpinolene content but with less myrcene tend to offer energizing effects. Keep an eye on this when selecting your cannabis.
  • THC: All marijuana strains have varying THC levels. For example, standard flower has 15% to 25%, while concentrates fall in the 90% range. Milder morning doses facilitate better concentration on your daily tasks.

How much you consume per dose will directly affect your experience with cannabis. Do you have a big day? Start with a small dose rather than risking an entire one-gram joint.

Cannabis & Glass Has the Best Marijuana Strains Around the Clock

The many benefits of smoking marijuana at night versus in the morning aren’t cut and dried, and everyone’s experience differs. Whatever season you’re in right now, you can always stock up at Cannabis & Glass in Ontario, Oregon, for your high-quality indicas, sativas, and hybrids. Call us at (541) 907-1234 with any questions, too.