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Cannabis tinctures have increased in popularity over the last few years alongside edibles and other helpful CBD and THC consumables. As with any oil or concentrate, knowledge and moderation are instrumental to using them safely.

We take our jobs seriously at Cannabis & Glass, providing our customers with top-quality marijuana products and advice on how best to use them. Today, we will tell you about THC tincture benefits and how to use them for your needs!

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What Is a Weed Tincture?

Weed tinctures, also called marijuana or THC tinctures, are cannabis concentrate in an alcohol solvent. Tinctures refer to using alcohol as an extraction medium for concentrated amounts of plant compounds; in this case, it’s for weed.

Many civilizations have used tinctures to bottle concentrates of their favorite medicinal plants. A THC tincture is no different, as it is alcohol with cannabis extract. You also receive various benefits from its versatility.

The Benefits of Using a Marijuana Tincture

There are several reasons to use a marijuana tincture, for both convenience and health reasons.

You Can Measure Tinctures

Most cannabis tinctures from a dispensary will have precise markers on their droppers. With this, you can precisely measure the amount of cannabis extract you need without wondering about the amount. Measuring your intake helps because your reactions and highs differ depending on how much you consume.

The droppers also allow you to test where your limits are. Finding your minimum effective dose, or MED, helps you limit your cannabis intake within reason. You could have a much easier time recognizing how high you will get and how long the high will last with measurements.

You Receive a More Potent Effect

Consuming cannabis produces a longer-lasting reaction than inhaling it via smoking. However, because consumables enter the bloodstream through your digestive system, it takes longer to feel the high than if you smoked it.

Unlike other consumables, cannabis tinctures have concentrated amounts of THC. They also use the alcohol in the mixture to reach your bloodstream much faster. As a result, you can experience the fast-acting effect of smoking with the longevity of an edible.

One of the downsides of edibles is not knowing exactly how much cannabis is in each bite. While you can eat edibles to receive the benefits of cannabis, you can precisely measure your intake with a tincture. Then, you can measure your reactions and experience longer effects with the precise amount you want.

One Way to Dispense Medical Marijuana

Like any drug or medicine, you need a precise amount to produce the desired effect. The THC in marijuana has many uses, including reducing inflammation, helping lessen anxiety, and reducing seizures.

Sublingual applications get the THC into your system faster by accessing the blood vessels under your tongue. Using the dropper, you can quickly feel the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects you need.

Tinctures Have a Long Shelf Life

One of the many THC tincture benefits includes how long it lasts outside your body. Unlike the plant, which can wither away, or the edibles that expire after a few days, you can store a tincture for a while.

Your dispensary should give you storage instructions with any tincture. By following their directions, you can make it last for up to a year in some cases. As a result, you save money and still have your stash ready for future use.

You Can Use Tinctures in Different Ways

You can use your weed tincture in several ways. Since you can precisely measure how much you are using, you can include them in various foods, like cannabutter. You can also use it in other products, like soaps or lotions, for a topical application of your THC.

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